Speakers at the 2016 Conference

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Moira Allan

Moira Allan

Co-founder and international coordinator of the Pass It On Network


Moira Allan is the co-founder and international coordinator of the Pass It On Network, an Internet platform that connects positive aging advocates from around the world so they can share their strengths to help each other, their communities, and themselves.  She serves on the councils of EURAG, Europe’s longest standing federation of senior organisations (155 in 32 countries), The International Longevity Center-France and is international liaison for Old-Up, a cutting edge association exploring positive aging in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

She started in journalism, moved into public relations and acquired skills that have served her throughout her career as life coach (University Paris 8), trainer, and manager in the occupational health field. She coordinates the Too Young To Retire network in Europe and its French counterpart - «Le Cercle des Seniors Actifs», started after attending the first Positive Aging Conference in the USA in 2007.

While there, she met Jan Hively Ph.D., with whom she started a collaborative exploration of this fascinating field of living the longevity revolution in real time. Together they co-created with World Café Europe the European Voices for Active Aging (EVAA) project, within the framework of the European Union’s Year for Active Aging in 2012. The Pass It On Network was launched in November 2013 in Paris, built on the spirit of active agers who believe "We are the ones we've been waiting for".

Bridging the digital divide – examples from around the world

The digital divide is often a triple conundrum of infrastructure, knowledge and psychological. The world is aging and being swept along by unprecedented and exponential technological growth. All over the globe, the battle to bridge the divide is raging.  Way back in early 80s and 90s we were quite proud to say « I am computer literate » today the very word « computer » dates one. We’ll take a quick look at examples of what’s happening in different parts of the world from Japan and Hong Kong to South Africa and Slovenia.    

The Pass It On Network website: passitonnetwork.org

Moira Allan's presentation slides

Video of Moira's presentation


 Peter Blasina

Peter Blasina
The Gadget Guy

Pete Blasina is Australia's trusted GadgetGuy. Has been explaining technology to consumers for more than 22 years. He’s the on-air technology reporter for Channel 7, a tech trends commentator for Kochie’s Business Builders and is often called on to comment on technology for Seven’s 6.00pm News and Today Tonight current affairs program. Peter is currently the Department of Communications’ National Cyber Security Ambassador and he works closely with the federal department of Regional Development Australia, taking the technology story to the country. He is also Telstra’s technology ambassador and delivers regular presentations, touring the country demystifying technology for a broad range of consumers via a variety of events.

The Gadget Guy provides valuable advice on how to assess product and make the most of today’s popular technologies at his popular website, www.gadgetguy.com.au. The experience Peter gained from 14 years as a senior science and mathematics teacher has come to the fore recently. He has been invited by a number of Australian Education Departments, TAFEs and Universities to provide an insight into technology trends and developments and their influence on the future of education.

Technology Directions

Where is technology going?  What is the next revolution in Tech? What are the winning and losing gadgets? Let the Gadget Guy take you on a ride into the future.

Peter Blasina's Website: www.gadgetguy.com.au


David Bennett

David Bennett

ASCCA Director

David Bennett has been a director of ASCCA since 2005. David worked in the computer industry from 1958 until his retirement in 1996. He was involved in the design and manufacture of computer systems hardware, later specialising in software systems for manufacturing industries. He was a consultant and president of the UK “Just in Time” group, who worked to improve the manufacturing processes in large companies, such as Hoover, Sony UK, Nissan UK and Sunrise Medical.

After coming to Australia, joined Northern Beaches Computer Pals as a trainer and soon became involved in the organisation and development of the club. When Avalon Computer Pals was formed he became a founder member and spent three years as a trainer and member of the committee.

David wants to continue working on widening communication between member clubs, using webcam and internet links for interactive participation between member clubs and will allow them to get maximum benefit from their ASCCA membership.

David is MC for the Conference


 Nan Bosler OAM

ASCCA President

Nan Bosler has been heavily involved in volunteer community work for almost 60 years. She has worked with and for people of all age groups and levels of ability, with particular emphasis on the needs of older people and those with a disability. She is a published author and presents regularly at conferences in both Australia and overseas. She revels in the fact that she is a great grandmother.

Nan is the foundation president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and seeks to empower older people by encouraging them to use modern technology.

Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

A successful conference should pose questions and challenge assumptions. It should open doors and inspire new ideas for the future.


 Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Technology Commentator

Charlie Brown is a leading commentator on the technology lifestyles of Australians.

He is the Today Show’s resident technology expert, and regularly appears on other Nine Network programs, including National Nine News. Charlie is also the executive producer of CyberShack TV, Australia’s only free-to-air, half-hour program dedicated to showcasing the latest in home entertainment and consumer electronics. In addition to Television, Charlie appears regularly across radio, print and the web. He hosts Life & Technology, a weekly radio program on Sydney’s 2GB, writes regular columns for TV Week magazine, publishes CyberShack.com.au and has an ever-growing social media following.

When Charlie’s not busy talking about the latest and greatest gadgets and innovations, he is the founder of CBN Media, a content production business specialising in helping the world’s best technology brands explain their latest technology innovations.

Tech Trends and Products

Charlie Brown's website: www.lifeandtechnology.com.au 


 Mariam Chizari

Mariam Chizari

nbn Community Affairs Manager NSW

Mariam Chizari has experience in driving diverse communications and engagement strategies, and has an innate ability to effectively convey corporate messages in a manner whereby company mission, goals and objectives are clearly illustrated. She has sound experience in change management, and has played an instrumental role in leading key change initiatives and projects.

Mariam has had a consistent history of delivering on project objectives within time, budgetary and quality requirements; experience in leading various key and large scale projects regarding communications, stakeholder engagement, marketing and change management.

The nbn: Transforming Australia's future with digital technology

The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network. It’s designed to help connect Australians to each other, and connect Australia to the world through a fast, reliable landline phone and internet network. It will help ensure our digital future by opening up opportunities for all Australians to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected, no matter where you live.

Mariam Chizari's presentation slides


 Nick de la Force

Nick de la Force

Community Development Specialist


Nick de la Force has over a decade’s experience producing and delivering world-class events and training across Australia, as well as England, France and Ireland. With in-depth knowledge across a variety of industries, from film to technology, photography and festivals, Nick is a champion of the customer experience.

At Microsoft, Nick curates a year-round program of activities designed to benefit the local community. This advances the company's mission: To empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Achieving more with your Technology

Nick will take you through some of the latest and greatest features of Windows 10, Office and more. This session will cover key tips that will empower you to be more productive and achieve more with your technology every day.


Angus Deveson

Angus Deveson

Maker's Muse

Angus Deveson has a degree in Industrial Design with first class honours from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He has worked in the 3D Printing industry since 2012.

The Maker’s Muse YouTube channel has over 30,000 subscribers. 3D Printing is popular with hobbyists, makers, teachers, and engineers. Due to the fast-developing nature of the industry, this audience is mostly comprised of highly engaged, collaborative early adopters.

The Maker's Muse – Empowering Creativity through 3D Printing

Maker's Muse is a free online resource that provides 3D Printing reviews, tutorials and news in the 3D Printing space.

3D Printing is widely described as the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution – but what is 3D Printing? How does it work and, more importantly, how can you use it?

The Maker's Muse Channel: www.youtube.com/user/TheMakersMuse

Angus Deveson's presentation slides

Video of Angus's presentation


 Judy Elias

Judy Elias

Computer Pals for Seniors Northern Beaches


John Frost

Director of The Home Automation Co.

Judy Elias is a committee member of Computer Pals for Seniors Northern Beaches and a strong advocate of social media and all new technology that can enhance our lifestyle.

Much of her time has been spent teaching, training and using devices at various learning institutions; The University of Sydney, UTS Sydney,
Northern Beaches Community College, Sydney Community College, and Mosman Community College. For many years she managed and initially set-up the Design Department of an international tertiary book publishing company.

Her wealth of hands-on computer knowledge, in graphic design, website design and understanding and background in the digital world has encouraged Judy to follow closely the growth, evolution and development of the IoT industry globally.

Interestingly enough, recently, spending her time as a volunteer with Computer Pals Northern Beaches and U3A Northern Beaches has introduced Judy to specialists, skilled in different aspects of IoT.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Why make a fuss about the Internet of Things? What is it? How will it influence our lifestyle? Where is it? What does it do?

The glue is the internet. Devices are evolving and the race is on worldwide to be part of the action. The growth of IoT is in its infancy. The talk is all about smart cities, smart agriculture and smart sensors. Who will be the winners? Will IoT enhance our lifestyle? We will explore and tap into these aspects.

John Frost is the owner of The Home Automation Co. John has held senior positions in the electronics and information technology industries in Australia, the U.K., and the USA during his career of over 35 years.

He has worked on a diverse range of technologies including Ronald Reagan's "star wars" program, cardiac pacemakers, document imaging and Australia's leading medical software.  With the rise of the "Internet of Things" John is focused on using this technology to improve our lifestyles - convenience, security, access, mobility, and more in integrated solutions.

Home Automation a.k.a Smart Home Technology

Home Automation in one form or another has been available for over 20 years, but had limited ability. However with the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the costs have dropped and the scope of what can be done is virtually unlimited to make our homes easier more comfortable places to live.

You know what a nuisance it is to have to walk around the home before bed or going out to turn off all the lights. With home automation you can do that with one button press, or using a smart phone, or even a simple voice command – and that’s just one simple example. Or have you experienced the challenges of people with limited mobility being beholden to family or carers to open doors, open/close blinds, even adjust the TV volume. Home automation gives them the ability to do all those things and more with voice commands.


Michael Fraser

Professor Michael Fraser


Michael Fraser is an Adjunct Professor of Law, at the University of Technology Sydney. He was Director of the Communications Law Centre, at the University of Technology, Sydney from 2008 to 2016. He was a founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) from 1986 to 2007.

Michael is Chairman of the Stolen Generations Testimonies Foundation and a Director of the Dictionary of Sydney Inc.

Michael was Chairman of the Australian Copyright Council from 2012 to 2016, Chairman of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) from 2010 to 2012, Member of the Board of the Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Vice President of the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisations (IFRRO) from 2001-2007 and a Director of IFRRO from 1991-2007, a Director of the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society Ltd from 1995 to2001, a Director of the Australian Copyright Society from 1995 to 2000) and Chairman of the National Book Council (Australia) from 1995 to 1998 among other directorships.

Michael was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2010 for service to the arts.

How should we value and protect our privacy?

Professor Michael Fraser's presentation slides


Trish Levido

Trish Levido

Oral Historian  

Trish Levido has been an oral historian for the past 30 years and presented at State and Regional Libraries and various Family History Organisations. She has been a Trainer for the Oral History Association. Of Australia and her oral history interviews are kept in many libraries and public institutions. Trish is passionate about the use of current digital technology and the simple use of this technology for the average person who wants to record their life stories.

Recording Your Life Story

Wouldn’t you love to hear your Great Grandparent’s life story, in their own words?

I want to share my passion for helping you to Record YOUR life story (or the life story of a loved one). It is so easy now, using smart phones; Skype; voice recorders; iPads,etc. Learn about recording, adding photos, editing, storing and archiving YOUR most precious Legacy for family and your descendants.

Using YouTube videos, step by step; you will be able to record your story when, where and how YOU want it recorded!

Trish Levido's presentation slides

Trish Levido's Handout on Resources


 Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin

President, Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors

Deborah Martin has been a volunteer trainer with Parramatta Computer Pals since she retired in 2008.  She is currently President, leading an enthusiastic team of volunteers. Deborah uses a Windows 10 desktop and laptop, Android phone and Apple iPad, and likes to explore new technology and apps to find what’s relevant and useful for club members.  

Her first experience as an IT trainer was around 1985, teaching typing pool staff to convert from electric typewriters to Wang word processors.  Deborah has been helping people learn to use technology ever since.

Apple iOS 10:

Useful features you may not know about

Apple released iOS 10 in September 2016. This session explores some of the new iOS 10 features on the iPad, including enhancements to Maps, Mail, Clock, Control Centre and Lookup.

Deborah Martin's Handout on iOS 10


 Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray

 Historian at the City of Sydney Council

Dr Lisa Murray is a public historian and works as the city Historian at the City of Sydney Council. Lisa is passionate about making history accessible to the public and has been involved with the Dictionary of Sydney as a volunteer for ten years.

Lisa is a published author. Her forthcoming book with New South Publishing is Sydney Cemeteries: A Field Guide, available in December 2016.

The Dictionary of Sydney:

Tips and Trade Secrets

The Dictionary of Sydney is a ground-breaking, multimedia city biography that presents the history of metropolitan Sydney in a digital format. You can find it at www.dictionaryofsydney.org

Historian Lisa Murray, a volunteer with the project, will introduce you to the Dictionary of Sydney and share some tips and trades secrets to effectively navigate through the content and discover more about Sydney’s history.

Dr Lisa Murray's presentation slides

Dr Lisa Murray's slides with notes


David Num

David Num

Eurobodalla Seniors Computer User Group


ASCCA Board Member

David Num is a committee member of EuroSCUG (the Eurobodalla Seniors Computer User Group) and a member of their technical subgroup. He has previously presented at ASCCA conferences and am a regular presenter, small group organiser and newsletter contributor at EuroSCUG.

David was introduced to computing in 1968, undertook a year's formal training in 1971 and has used it throughout his working life. He eventually became a senior executive in computing at a large Commonwealth organisation where I was responsible for technical aspects, contract negotiations and purchasing. He was fortunate in being invited to speak at many Australian and international conferences on a range of computing issues. He has also held senior executive positions in finance, corporate planning, research and training.

David has a long and active interest in personal computing and new technologies. He believes that using computing as a scientific tool in his early career has given him a pragmatic approach to its use, both personally and for others. These days, David enjoys helping others learn to use computing in ways that meet their needs.

What One Wants to Know About OneNote

OneNote is the best Microsoft program you’re probably not using. It allows you to capture and share information across all your devices. Android and Apple phones, tablets and desktops.

Use it to capture video, audio, text, screen clips, webpages, images etc. It has powerful searching capabilities, even recognising text from within images. It is widely used in business and education for sharing information and as a collaborative work management tool.

It is a great travel planner and ad-hoc organiser. Usage is only limited by your imagination. We use it for our shared family cookbook. The free Microsoft Office Lens app turns your phone into a scanner and integrates well with OneNote.

The OneNote apps are free and so is the online version for your desktop.

The EUROSCUG website: http://euroscug.org/

David Num's Handout on OneNote

Video of David's presentation


 Suraj Pabari

Suraj Pabari
Analytical Consultant

Louise Dyer
Louise Dyer
Strategic Account Manager

Suraj Pabari is an Analytical Consultant for the Sales department within Google.

Within this role, Suraj acts as a strategic partner to Australia’s largest retailers, demonstrating the value of digital marketing through data-driven insights and specialist knowledge.

Louise Dyer leads the Retail Industry business for Google for Work, Australia & New Zealand. In this role she works with some of Australia’s largest organisations, helping transform their internal culture, engage their employees and ultimately succeed through innovation.

Louise comes from a wide technical background spanning robotic and space engineering, network engineering and computer science.  


Learning Google

Interactive workshop talking attendees through basic functionality on the most commonly used Google Apps, including Chrome, Photos, Drive, Docs and YouTube.



Richard Scenna

Co-Founder of YourLink



Richard Scenna is one of the Co Founders of YourLink, a new free app created in NSW for Australian Seniors. He has 20 years marketing and technology experience in Australia and the United States, including working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Richard believes passionately in the benefits technology can bring to the quality of life for seniors.

Introducing YourLink - a new app for Australian Seniors 

There is so much going on in your local community, wouldn't it be great if you could easily see what that was?

YourLink is a new app connecting seniors with family, friends, local community, services, interests and residences - all from an easy to use and free iPad app.

The free YourLink app is designed for seniors, with information that is relevant, helpful and an easy to use design. Launched as a trial in Orange, Bathurst and Dubbo, YourLink is now expanding across NSW. The app was recently a 2016 Gold Award Winner at the [app] Design Awards and Finalist at the 2016 CeBIT Business Technology Awards.

During this presentation find out how this app works and how you can get involved shaping the app for seniors across Australia.

YourLink website: http://www.yourlink.com.au/


 Victoria Shillingford

Victoria Shillingford


Victoria Shillingford is a designer by training and after a successful career in the fashion industry, working as a buyer and then as a Technical Designer she discovered the world of coding and technology. The similarities of creativity and logical thinking in both fashion and development led her to the award winning business Decoded - the home of digital enlightenment. Victoria now works cross-functionally to bring successful digital transformation to some of the world's largest organisations. And is a secret VR enthusiast by night.

A New Dawn: Technology, Women & The Workforce

Technology has completely revolutionized the way we live and impacts all of us every single day whether we want it to or not. However, despite some of the biggest advances made in technology being made by females, the number of women in technology has decreased over time and it is not getting any better. What does the future look like when it is being designed and built by men? This talk unpacks how new developments in technology are shaping the skills needed in the future, why it is vital to rally behind supporting women in tech and the importance of adopting a digital first mindset.

The Decoded website: https://decoded.com/en-au/ 

Victoria Shillingford's presentation slides


 Dr Dianne Snowden

Dr Dianne Snowden

Professional Historian, Heritage Consultant and Genealogist


Dr. Dianne Snowden currently lectures in family history at the University of Tasmania. She was appointed Chair of the Tasmanian Heritage Council in January 2012, and retired in 2014.

Dianne is a member of the Tasmanian Library Advisory Board and Chair of the Cascades Female Factory Community Advisory Committee. She is a founder member of the Female Convicts Research Centre. She is a former Director of the National Trust of Australia (Tasmania), the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council and Chair of the Female Factory Historic Site Board. She was the first Genealogical Researcher appointed to the Public Trustee (Tasmania).

Dianne is founder and convenor of the Friends of the Orphan Schools, St John’s Park Precinct, and as an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Tasmania, is working on a longitudinal study of children admitted to the Orphan Schools.

Dianne’s Ph.D thesis is titled ‘A White Rag Burning’: Irish Women who committed arson in order to be transported to Van Diemen’s Land (University of Tasmania. 2005).
Dianne’s most recent publication (with Joan Kavanagh) is Van Diemen’s Women: A History of Transportation to Tasmania (The History Press, Ireland, 2015).
In 2013, she published (with Trudy Cowley) Patchwork Prisoners: The Rajah Quilt and the Women who made it (Hobart, 2013).

She is a regular contributor to Tasmanian Ancestry, the journal of the Tasmanian Family History Society and to the Female Convicts Research Centre series, Convict Lives.

Using the Internet for Family History

The Internet is a rich source of family history information, but there is so much of it! This presentation considers some effective strategies for finding your way through the Internet maze.

Dr Dianne Snowden's presentation slides

Dr Dianne Snowden's handout on Internet resources

 Annette Stuckey

Annette Stuckey

Westlakes Seniors Computer Club

Annette Stuckey started work in 1955 at the MLC Assurance Company in Sydney. In 1959 she went to Papua New Guinea where she spent 18 years working for the Commonwealth Government. It was there she was introduced to computers, commencing with mainframes and moving on to PCs.

Annette gained her Victorian Certificate of Education through TAFE Outreach Learning in Bairnsdale, Victoria and received an Associate Diploma in Social Science - Community Development.

She joined the Westlakes Seniors Computer Club, Lake Macquarie in 2000 at its inauguration. She was elected Secretary in May 2000 and still holds that position.

Demonstration of Microsoft Photo Story

Photo Story 3 is a free application that allows you to create a visual story from your digital photos. The program allows you to add transitions and background music to create a Windows Media Video movie file with pan and zoom effects. It produces a Project file that can be changed at any time and a video.

Once a photo story video has been made, it can be played on a PC using Windows Media Player. Since the .wmv format is used, Windows Media Video created is incompatible with domestic DVD players, but you can use other software to burn your video to a DVD and watch it on your television.

Photo Story 3 has been available since 2005 and Windows XP. It still works on Windows 10 and can be downloaded from Microsoft here: 


Annette Stuckey's handout on Photo Story


 Shane Treeves

Shane Treeves

Head of Social Communications, Google Asia-Pacific

Shane Treeves completed a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Sydney and received first class Honours in Marketing. 

At University, Shane was elected as a Board Director of the University of Sydney Union and was also the founding Vice-President of 180 Degrees Consulting. 180 Degrees Consulting started in Sydney in 2009 with just 40 consultants and has now gone on to become the world's largest student consultancy with offices in more than 30 countries around the world.

Shane has been working full time at Google for the last four years looking after Consumer Communications for Australia and New Zealand. Recently, Shane has been promoted to a new role as Head of Social Communications for Google in Asia-Pacific.

From Search to the Google Assistant

When you think about Google, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Google Search. Since we started in 1998, we’ve launched a number of other products people use every day — like Google Maps to help you get to where you need to go, Google Calendar to help manage our busy lives, and Google Photos to search through 1000s of photos in a second. Now, we’re ready to bring everything together with the Google Assistant — an intelligent assistant to help you get through your day.


Robert Wickham

Robert Wickham

Regional Vice President
Innovation & Digital Transformation
Australia & New Zealand

Robert Wickham leads Salesforce’s efforts to help companies experiment and validate new business ideas in partnership with some of the local incubators. Robert previously ran Salesforce's specialized sales team across Asia Pacific.

Prior to joining Salesforce, Robert led the Engineered Systems business at Oracle across Australia & New Zealand. He joined Oracle through acquisition in 2008 and initially ran Oracle’s System Management business in North America.

Prior to his tenure at Oracle, Robert held multiple marketing, product management and sales leadership positions at Empirix Web Test Division (which Oracle acquired in 2008). Prior to Empirix, Robert was a co-founder of Go Fly Limited (a low cost European airline that was eventually sold to easyJet) and a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.

He holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Robert was a member of the MIT Board of Trustees from 1996-2001 and the MIT Alumni Board from 2002-2004. He is a recipient of the MIT Bronze Beaver for distinguished service. He is an avid squash player, golfer and cricket fan.

Fun Fact: Robert played for the Trinidad & Tobago under-19 cricket team captained by his classmate Brian Lara.

Delivering a Connected Customer Experience

Customers today are hyper-connected, always on, highly opinionated. Their expectations on how they want companies to interact with them has changed dramatically - driven in large part by brands & technologies that did not exist 10 years ago. In this TedTalk-like session, Robert will explore some of these technologies & trends that are impacting todays market, and share how companies are innovating using salesforce to transform the way they interact with their customers.


Rebecca Wilson

Founder and CEO of  Starts at 60

Rebecca Wilson founded Starts at 60, Australia and New Zealand’s largest digital and social media site for over 60s, in 2013 and has seen it grow to serve more than a million over 60s online each month. She takes the online enablement of the older generations very seriously, growing a team of 23 that serve the baby boomer and beyond generations 7 days per week online with engaging content and support more than 400 over 60 bloggers with a platform at startsat60.com.

Starts at 60 delivers 3.5+ million pageviews of content per month and gets more comments per day than News.com, New Idea and Womens Weekly combined because over 60s join each other on Facebook to talk to each other about major issues and topical current affairs affecting them.

There’s Never been a Better Time for Over 60s to get Online

The Internet offers so much to our over 60s today that it didn’t offer three or four years ago, and the future is even brighter. But the skills, tools and apps you need to understand seem unlimited… So where do you start and why bother.

1. Daily activities that can now be done Online and where to start
2. Revolutionary apps that’ll make a difference to you every day
3. Having a voice online…

Starts at 60 website: https://startsat60.com/



Russell Workman 

Professional Photographer  Gallery2

Russell Workman has been been a full-time professional photographer for many years, working at and for academic institutions as well as working freelance. He has worked as a photographer for the Department of Navy 1967-1969; a photographer for University of Sydney 1969-2007 and from 2007 to the present is a Heritage and Archaeology Photographer.

Russel has has taught Photoimaging at NSW Tafe as well as running courses for WEA in Sydney. I also run private courses in artistic photography. 

The Hidden Details – How to find interesting photography subjects anywhere

This talk and PowerPoint describes and shows photographs I have taken during the course of my photographic career.
They are some of my favourite photographically-creative and interesting images rather than ones taken for clients and employers and range from a photo taken on a rainy night in Newcastle in the 1960’s to a candid portrait captured at a protest rally in Sydney in 2016.

Russell Workman's website: www.gallery2.com.au


 Andree Wright

Andree Wright

Acting Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Andree Wright’s appointment as Acting Children’s eSafety Commissioner follows a 10 month period as the inaugural Executive Manager of the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

Andree has a wealth of experience in children’s online safety issues. Under her direction, Cybersmart developed a significant international reputation for high quality, engaging online safety education resources, for which it received 14 major national and international awards.

Helping Australians explore safely online

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner is Australia’s leader in online safety, established in 2015 with a three-fold mission: handle complaints from Australian children affected by serious cyberbullying; investigate offensive or illegal online content, such as child sexual abuse material; and provide online safety education and training. We have since grown to include initiatives such as eSafetyWomen, aimed at helping protect women vulnerable to tech-facilitated abuse.

Our vision is to empower all Australians to be able to explore safely online—we all have a part to play in making the online world a better place.


Alex Zaharov-Reutt


Technology Editor - iTWire.com

President Sydney PC Users Group

Fururist, Public Speaker, Future Senior

Alex Zaharov-Reutt is one of Australia’s best-known technology journalists and consumer tech experts.

Alex has appeared in his capacity as technology expert on all of Australia’s free-to-air and pay TV networks on all the major news and current affairs programs, on commercial and public radio, and technology, lifestyle and reality TV shows – and as keynote speaker at major events like ASCCA’s Australian Computer Conferences for Seniors!

The Future has already been invented.

Has it reached you yet?

Come see the future! Alex takes us on a journey of the amazing technologies of today and tomorrow, from software, to hardware, to intelligent assistants, to cool gadgets and more.

Get ready for what will be yet another memorable closing keynote!

Alex Zaharov-Reutt writes for: www.itwire.com

Alex regularly speaks at Sydney PC Users Group meetings