Accessibility involves improving products, devices, services, or environments for people with special needs. Research and development in accessibility often has benefits for everyone.

This page offers a number of resources for improving accessibility.

Click here for the Accessible Telecoms brochure

Click here to go to the Accessible Telecoms website


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The Affordable Access website is the latest resource from MAA and ACCAN on access to modern technology. Click here to visit the site. Among the many other things available, go to the Resources menu to download tip sheets for various groups, including seniors.


Sociability: Social Media for People with a Disability

by Dr Scott Hollier, Media Access Australia and ACCAN.

Sociability Cover

Click here to download (1100 kb)

Accessibility Features in Windows and Web Browsers

by Dr Scott Hollier, Project Manager, New Media, Media Access Australia.

Windows and Browsers

Click here to download (862 kb)