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Contact a local seniors computer club

ASCCA has over 150 affiliated clubs across Australia who provide lessons and help for seniors. Clubs are listed in the club directory on this site. Click here to search the club directory. Or call us on (02) 9286 3871


Book in to use a Broadband for Seniors kiosk

ASCCA is part of a consortium, led by the Adult Learning Australia, administering the Australian Government funded Broadband for Seniors program. The program offers free lessons for seniors on how to use the Internet and set up an email account. There are around a thousand of these computer kiosks across Australia, including one in the ASCCA Learning Centre. Click here for the Broadband for Seniors website or call us on (02) 9286 3871 for help locating one near you.


Book in to attend an ASCCA course at Pitt St Sydney

ASCCA has a dedicated Learning Centre at its offices in Sydney which offers courses and workshops for club trainers, club members who can join classes not covered at their club, and non-members.

If you are member of a local computer club that is a member of ASCCA or a member of the SMSA, you can attend at the ASCCA club members' rate. Seniors Card holders who are not ASCCA club members may attend courses at a discounted rate. The general public may also join our classes at full fee.

The courses offered at ASCCA vary each month. Click here to see the current and upcoming programs, or call us on (02) 9286 3871