Below are all the wonderful people who spoke and demonstrated items at the 2013 Conference. Topics highlighted in blue are links to their presentation where it is available. Some also have a video.


Derek Austin

Derek Austin
Director, Dragon Desktop Solutions, Asia Pacific
Nuance Communications



Derek Austin has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry starting in technical roles before moving to sales, marketing and management. He has always worked with technically innovative technology companies such as Nuance Communications that are in the business of improving people’s lives in innovative ways.

In his current role, Derek manages the Dragon desktop solutions business in the Asia Pacific region. Derek is married to Stephanie and has an eleven-year old daughter named Sienna. He holds an MBA (Exec) from the Australian Graduate School of Management as well as a postgraduate Diploma of Computer Science and BA (Hons) from the University of Queensland.


Speech Recognition Technology

Derek Austin from Nuance Communications is coming to ASCCA to show you the latest in speech recognition technology and how that can make you more productive. Not only is speech the fastest way to enter text into your computer, it’s also easier on your muscles, tendons and bones. Derek will show you what you need to do to get up and going with this fantastic software.

 Jill Ball

Jill Ball


  Jill Ball, now an amateur genealogist, has been a librarian, teacher and, most recently, Head of Information Technology in a Sydney School. In 2011 Jill was honoured with Life Membership of The School Library Association NSW for her work in education.
This connected Granny shares her passion for integrating technology with genealogy via her blog, GeniAus, and with presentations in Australia and internationally. Jill who loves Tech Toys chaired a panel session "The Genealogist's Gadget Bag" at the 2013 Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City.
Jill was recently voted as Australia's Gold Medal Rockstar Genealogist in an international online poll.

My Pal Flip-Pal

The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner provides an economical, portable means of scanning photos, documents, maps and even large patchwork quilts. In this presentation Jill will outline the benefits of digitising our personal collections, talk about various types of scanners available and discuss situations where the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner gives excellent results.

Peter Blasina

Peter Blasina
The Gadget Guy



Pete Blasina has been explaining technology to consumers for more than 22 years. He’s the on-air technology reporter for Channel 7, a tech trends commentator for Kochie’s Business Builders and is often called on to comment on technology for Seven’s 6.00pm News and Today Tonight current affairs program. Peter is currently the Department of Communications’ National Cyber Security Ambassador and he works closely with the federal department of Regional Development Australia, taking the technology story to the country. He is also Telstra’s technology ambassador and delivers regular presentations, touring the country demystifying technology for a broad range of consumers via a variety of events.

The Gadget Guy provides valuable advice on how to assess product and make the most of today’s popular technologies at his popular website, The experience Peter gained from 14 years as a senior science and mathematics teacher has come to the fore recently. He has been invited by a number of Australian Education Departments, TAFEs and Universities to provide an insight into technology trends and developments and their influence on the future of education and business in Australia.



Technology Directions

Where is technology going?  What is the next revolution in Tech? What are the winning and losing gadgets? Let the Gadget Guy take you on a ride into the future.


Link to a video used in Peter's presentation:

Microsoft Future Vision 2020

Video of Peter Blasina's Presentation (YouTube)

Nan Bosler

Nan Bosler OAM
President, ASCCA



Nan Bosler has been heavily involved in volunteer community work for almost 60 years.  She has worked with and for people of all age groups and levels of ability, with particular emphasis on the needs of older people and those with a disability.   She is a published author and presents regularly at conferences in both Australia and overseas. She revels in the fact that she is a great grandmother.
Nan is the foundation president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and seeks to empower older people by encouraging them to use modern technology.



Acknowledgement to Country

Jody Bowman

Jody Bowman
Communications Coordinator,
Australian Communication Exchange

  Jody Bowman has experience with not-for-profit organisations spanning five years, with a focus on community engagement activities, stakeholder communications management, and the marketing and communication of accessible telecommunications initiatives.  Jody is particularly interested in assistive devices and services, and how they impact health-related quality of life of people with disability.  

Introduction to ACE

Australian Communication Exchange is a national not for profit organisation that provides communication access services for people who are deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired.

Kathryn Braun

Kathryn Braun
DrPH, President of the
Active Ageing Consortium
Asia Pacific

x Dr. Kathryn L. Braun is Professor of Public Health at the University of Hawai‘i, and chair of the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program. She is known for her work in community-based participatory research in cancer and gerontology, and she has published more than 160 peer reviewed journal articles on these topics. A 20-year cancer survivor, she loves to travel and has been to all 7 continents and more than 100 countries. She also is President of the Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP) x

Best Practices for Active Ageing from the Asia Pacific

If everyone is living longer, how should individuals and society adapt? What new things can older adults learn and do that are fun and still allow them to contribute to society? What can government do to tap our increase in “silver” resources? This session will present a sampling of ideas from around the Asia Pacific region for keeping ourselves engaged, energized, and active

 Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown
Technology Commentator



 Charlie Brown has a rapidly growing profile that has seen him become a much sought after speaker. He brings an unrivalled ability to communicate, educate and inspire his audience on issues relating to the technology of today as well as future trends, including how developments can and will change the environment in which we live and do business.
Charlie is a leading commentator on lifestyle and home entertainment technologies. He is the technology expert for premier breakfast program, the Today Show, and appears regularly on other Nine Network programs, including Nine News. Charlie is also the executive producer of the popular television series, CyberShack TV, Australia’s free-to-air, 30 minute program dedicated to showcasing the latest in home entertainment and consumer electronics.
In addition to his TV commitments, Charlie provides commentary weekly on radio stations across Australia.  In print he has a column which appears regularly in TV Week and his online presence continues to build on its enormous following with his and websites.


  Technology Trends 2014

Keith Buckley

Keith Buckley
Managing Director, McAfee Australia & New Zealand


Keith Buckley is responsible for McAfee’s Australia and New Zealand business. Buckley has more than 15 years of experience in leading sales, engineering growth and driving change for industry-leading technology companies including EMC, Symantec and Dell.
Prior to joining McAfee, Buckley was the General Manager for Commercial and Emerging Markets at EMC, where he ran a $160m business in Australia. Before this, he served as the Regional Director for ANZ for, where he led a full change management strategy to transform an underperforming business into a highly profitable entity. Buckley also spent more than a decade in sales with Dell in both Ireland and Australia.
Buckley holds qualifications in computers and information technology from ITEC, Ireland


Practical tips to stay safe online

In this session Keith Buckley will discuss some of the common areas in which seniors can be exposed to online security threats. Keith will also show you some simple tips that you can do when your online to make sure you stay safe. 

Alex Byrne

Dr. Alex Byrne
State Librarian & Chief
Executive, State Library
of NSW


Dr Alex Byrne is a professional librarian, researcher and writer with deep interest in the roles of memory institutions, the complexity of issues relating to Indigenous peoples and transmission of knowledge. He has been State Librarian and Chief Executive of the State Library of New South Wales since September 2011 following positions in library and university management, most recently at the University and the University of Technology, Sydney. Alex served for a decade in leadership positions with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions including President from 2005 to 2007. He enjoys the travel and the bush, drawing and printmaking, and, inevitably, reading.

  Amaze & Curio: Revolutionising the State Library of NSW

Tracing its history to 1826, the State Library of New South Wales holds the world’s foremost collection on the exploration and settlement of Australia and its region. It is now applying new techniques and novel technologies to making its collection available to all. The Library is revolutionising itself with Amaze, the first new gallery since 1929, and innovation including a mass digitisation program, a new app Curio, geo location, new discovery tools, social media and harvesting born digital content.


Narelle Clark

Narelle Clark
Deputy CEO



Narelle Clark learnt to program computers back as a 9 year old in the days when that was weird, using punch cards and a computer as old as she was and the size of a room. Ten years later she was building nuclear energy detectors at a university and moving the data between computers, making the techniques up as she went along, all the time harbouring crazy ideas to connect everything together in one big network. Thankfully now she doesn’t feel like the only one with that crazy idea.
Today Narelle is employed as Deputy CEO of ACCAN, the peak advocacy body for consumers in the Australian communications market place. Narelle has worked in many communications areas, from running her own telecoms and Internet consultancy, as head of networking research at CSIRO, for different telcos and universities, designing networks and products in emerging Internet technology. Narelle has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters in Engineering, the latter majoring in information systems and telecommunications, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Management. Narelle is the President of the Internet Society of Australia and has held a seat on its global Board of Trustees since 2010.

  Death and the Internet – Planning our Digital Legacy

In the past, for many of us our legacy was very simple. With most of our belongings in the family home, the only complexity arose in allocating very tangible assets fairly amongst our heirs. Now, thanks to an increasingly digital life, the question is changing from who gets what, to where is what, as our heirs take on the complex task of unravelling the mysteries of our vast digital footprint. This talk raises some fascinating issues in planning our digital legacy, and will give some guidance on making things simpler for our loved ones when the inevitable happens.

Christopher Conybeare

Christopher Conybeare
Media Specialist/Center for Labor Education and
Research (CLEAR)
University of Hawaii-West

  Dr. Chris Conybeare is a human rights attorney, television journalist, and a documentary film maker.
He is on the faculty for the Center for Labor Education and Research (CLEAR) at the University of Hawaii-West Oahu. He is Secretary General of the World Association of Press Councils, President of Media Council Hawaii, and a member of the Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP)
  Media and the Struggle for Democracy: A Cautionary Tale
A tenet of active ageing is civic engagement over the life course. Civic involvement requires information for decision making. An important source of information is the news media. Monopolistic forces and concentration of ownership threaten competition, diversity, and localism in print, broadcast, and internet news sources. To combat these forces, we need to promote media literacy, become citizen journalists, and campaign for an equitable regulatory environment for the media.

Natasha Crampton

Natasha Crampton
Attorney, Microsoft


Natasha Crampton has specialised in technology and intellectual property law since the outset of her legal career. She has advised on copyright, trade mark, privacy, and Internet safety and security laws in the context of contractual negotiations, litigation and law reform initiatives.

At Microsoft, Natasha is part of the Australian and New Zealand team that focuses on Microsoft’s commercial legal work. This includes advising the business on legal issues relevant to Microsoft’s cloud services, and the contractual frameworks under which Microsoft provides those services.



Legal Issues with Cloud Services

The uptake of enterprise cloud services is growing in Australia as Australian organisations seek to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services. Legal issues are one of a number of issues that fall for consideration when Australian organisations consider whether to take up cloud services.

Natasha will provide an overview of some of these legal issues from the perspective of
an enterprise cloud service provider.

Angus Deveson

Angus Deveson
from uFactory


  Angus Deveson is an industrial designer with a passion for designing and making things. He teaches 3D Design and 3D Printing in Schools and Businesses around Australia, and loves to experiment and push the boundaries of 3D Printing technologies.  


Create anything with 3D Printing

3D Printing is changing the way we buy products, giving the general public the chance to be their own designer and create exactly what they want. Rather than endlessly searching for that perfect existing product, 3D Printing can be used to create a single object that suits your needs perfectly.

Video of Angus Deveson's talk (YouTube)

Anne Doherty

Anne Doherty
Consultant, Public Library
Services, State Library of

  Anne Doherty works as a consultant to public library services for the State Library of NSW. Her role is to provide advice to councils and libraries on the provision of quality public library services.  

Beyond These Walls: New Approaches for
Home Library Service

Library service for house bound clients is
delivered in a variety of ways currently; its
essence is to enable housebound clients
access to books and other library resources.
Technology offers the potential of more
choice and greater client independence.
Encouraging and enabling housebound
clients to access library resources using a
range of devices will provide and unlock
benefits to the home library service client
well beyond access to library services. 


Peter Foye

Peter Foye
Peer Educator

  Peter Foye joined COTA NSW peer education programs to be involved in an area that is important to older people and retuning something to the community. Peter provides a wealth of experience with adult education and a computer technical background.  

Internet safety: be confident online

Council on the Ageing NSW (COTA NSW) is a non-government organisation representing people over 50. For over a decade, it has attracted volunteer peer educators who deliver engaging, informal education sessions to people aged 50-plus.  Since 2012, Peter Foye has been one of COTA NSW’s peer educators and has been delivering the ‘Internet Safety: be confident online’ program to groups of older people. The session is designed to reduce the fear of the internet. Peter will deliver an ‘Internet Safety’ education session, which highlights the simple steps computer users can take so they ‘go online’ safely and securely. These sessions are often used to attract new people

Video of Peter Foye's talk (YouTube)

Kathryn Greiner

Kathryn Greiner AO
Chair of Ministerial Committee on Ageing


  Kathryn Greiner AO is Chair of the NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing (MACA) and has an incredibly diverse background starting in social work and extending to experience in business and local government. MACA provides advice to the NSW Government through the Minister for Ageing on the impact of population ageing on government and the community.
Over the course of her career Mrs Greiner has been actively involved in a number of not-for-profit organisations such as the Salvation Army, and has held directorships for the Financial Planning Association, John Singleton Advertising, a former Councillor on the City of Sydney, and Deputy Chancellor of Bond University.


Colin Griffith

Colin Griffith
Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation

  Colin Griffith is the Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation (ACBI), a new collaborative research centre established by the CSIRO in partnership with NICTA.  The Centre is designed to demonstrate and develop new applications and services that can utilise the capabilities of next generation broadband networks.  
Colin has been a leading exponent of innovative internet and electronic services over the last twenty years working in a variety of media, internet, consulting and government positions.  He was responsible for establishing popular and awarding winning ABC Online and managing the ABC’s new media service during the 1990s.  More recently, he has been a senior executive with the NSW Government Chief Information Office, responsible for promoting broadband and new forms of service delivery for health, education and other government services. 
Colin has been a Director of the Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG), the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing (ac3) and was the President of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA).  Colin has also been a member of several industry advisory groups including the Federal Government’s Creative Industries Advisory Committee and National Broadband Development Group.



How broadband connectivity can help seniors live independently at home for longer

Claire Keatinge

Claire Keatinge
Commissioner for Older People, Northern Ireland


Claire Keatinge became Northern Ireland’s first Commissioner for older People on 14 November 2011. She was a former director of the Alzheimer’s Society in Northern Ireland and her appointment has been hailed as a groundbreaking development.
As commissioner her key role is to challenge discrimination against older people, promote positive attitudes towards older people and encourage their participation in public life. She provides a strong voice to champion causes which affect the everyday lives of older people in Northern Ireland.



Greetings from Ireland 6min video

Jeffrey Landers

Jeffrey Landers
Low Vision Consultant

  Jeffrey Landers is a qualified dispensing optician and is a Low Vision Consultant with Quantum. Jeff has worked in the eye care industry for 35 years and is able to assist clients with simple tasks such as reading a paper or book and for computer users with a reduction in vision provide assistive technology products to enable the client to use their computer.  

Adaptive Technology for Seniors

Quantum is Australia’s largest supplier of Assistive Technology to the vision impaired, blind and seniors market. We provide a range of products and services to people that are effected by low vision due to conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
People suffering such conditions have difficulty doing simple day to day activities most of us take for granted such as reading newspapers, menus, books and documents such as bank statements and bills.
Quantum has a range of products that enable people to continue to live independently and with privacy – not having to have others read their mail to them.
We also distribute the amazing GUIDE Software program, GUIDE is the easiest way for a beginner to learn how to use a computer to access the web, write a letter or send an email.

Trish Levido

Trish Levido
Oral Historian

  Trish Levido has been an oral historian recording people’s life stories for over 30 years. She has conducted oral history workshops for state & local libraries, the Royal Australian
Historical Society and the Oral History Association of Australia. Many of her recordings are kept in national and  international archives. Her research into the digital aspects of recording, editing and preserving memories has been widely documented and published on numerous web sites.

Valuing Memories – Oral History in the Digital Age
Why is oral history different to written family
history? Personal oral or spoken history can
stand alone or complement a written history.
Let me share my passion for recording your
family’s first person, primary source
memories. Intergenerational recording can
give you the opportunity to create a special
bond with your siblings, children or
grandchildren and also you gain a personal
perspective of your own life. There are many
easy & inexpensive digital tools for recording, editing & preserving your memories. With today’s technology anyone can be an oral historian to bequeath their “spoken legacy” for future generations.


Judy Joyce and Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin
Judy Joyce
Parramatta Computer
Pals for Seniors

Judy Joyce is an adventurous computer user, very versatile and trains in just about anything we ask her to! Between 2008-2011 she was our training co-ordinator and is now the club's vice president. Judy has been a Mac user since 2010 when her brother gave her husband a Mac.

Deborah Martin joined the Club as a trainer when she retired in 2008. She enjoys passing on the computer skills she learned in her working life. Deborah is a very versatile trainer with good knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets, and says that the more she teaches, the more she learns. Deborah has been our president since October 2012.

An Apple for the Teacher

Judy Joyce introduced Apple Mac with a demonstration to members in March 2011.  We purchased a Mac, then started a Special Interest Group for Mac users, then started offering classes.  This presentation tells the story of how we introduced Apple Mac to our Club.

Joe Moreno

Joe  Moreno
Photographer and coach @ Smarterdigital Photography


Joe Moreno has been photographing since the early 1980s and loved the hours in a darkened room listening to talkback radio playing in the background. Digital photography was introduced to Joe in 1996 just as his daughter was entering the world. The darkroom had now moved beside his new daughters cot in the way of a desktop computer and some type of photoshop product to used to create photos, but the use of floppy discs to store images of their new daughter was a total marvel as far as he was concerned.! Now, just as his daughter HOLLIE turns 17 ,the technology that Joe has seen in that short time seems like it was yesterday…just like the days he was sitting next to that cot.


Photography and connectivity gets closer

We use our phones to listen to music, watch videos, communicate with our friends through either social media like FACEBOOK (or the phone itself) and we take photos…heaps of photos! And because we are carrying a camera around all the time, our photo taking opportunities are now more abundant, especially bad photos and we like to blame the camera! We know the quality can be questionable and the Camera companies are constantly trying to entice us into new ways of spending time taking photos with some type of camera that still includes our phones or tablets and then somehow share them!  And it is all done wirelessly!

Video of Joe Moreno's Talk (YouTube)

Gerry Murphy

Gerry Murphy

Managing Director, BeingThere Solutions
Pty Ltd



Gerry Murphy has been involved in video conferencing since 1994 when a VC endpoint cost more than the regular suburban house. The technology also required a lot of engineering and administrative support.
He has been involved with the introduction of a number of generations of VC since then to the point now where users of the BeingThere service can video conference from their internet connected PC, iPad, iPhone or android device.
Training and implementation support has been a big part of his engagement with the technology and is very much aware of the need to understand the motivation for using the technology, and the need to understand the application to which the technology is being applied.
Focused mainly on the WA market Gerry has been focused on the not for profit, and community based application of the technology to support the people in regional, rural and remote communities.
Greatest lesson learned: “Technology, no matter how expensive, how inexpensive, how complex or simple does not implement itself. It needs people with courage, vision and commitment to support people on the journey to making it part of their lives”



Video Conferencing – No Longer Futuristic, But Here And Now

• Link up with a speaker/colleague in Brisbane who sets up TeleHEALTH conferences
• Link up with a couple of CRCs – probably Kununurra and one other – to listen to what they use video conferencing for in their town
• Link up with Womens Health – Rural in Reach program in Perth where Fiona Reid can talk about the training to health professionals and consultation services provided to regional families – free
• Link up with Foodbank who are soon to embark on Food Sensations program via video conferencing (the delivery of which our Treasurer Lorraine Cooper and myself are trained) to impart knowledge about shopping wisely; healthy cooking and eating within a budget (good for seniors, many of whom “are past cooking with variety”) learning to read the contents of food packaging – salt and sugar content especially; convenience foods are necessarily healthy foods.
• Link up with Ear Science Institute of Australia who are this week doing 4 video conferences in WA on Adult hearing loss – identification, types and referral pathways; Hearing aids – types and rehabilitation programs; Tinnitus – identification and what it mean to you; Tinnitus – treatment and management options.

Video of Gerry Murphy's Presentation (YouTube)


Joy and Allan Murrin

Joy and Allan Murrin

Family History Research


Allan and Joy Murrin have been researching their Family History for more than 40 years, and, in 1995 Joy was appointed as an Accredited Transcription Agent by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.    The family business has now grown to provide NSW Transcriptions and Certificate Services for England/Wales, Scotland, Victoria and New Zealand. Over the course of time, Allan and Joy have visited family history libraries and centres throughout the world, and since 1989 been volunteer librarians at the Mortdale LDS Family History Centre. Allan and Joy have a range of Family History topics and have spoken to many societies and groups.With years of experience and a vast array of knowledge, Allan & Joy continue to find Joy in their own family, and in assisting others find joy in family history.



Family history, is it the best of times?

Genealogy research has become more accessible with technology advancements.   Knowing the resources will assist anyone getting started or look differently at hard to find ancestors. This session will explore processes to enhance family history research by showing practical examples. Living in the BEST OF TIMES for genealogy, there is more to come.

Scott Riddle

Scott Riddle

Strategy &
Operations Manager for
Partner Solutions,


Scott Riddle manages the Asia Pacific strategy and operations function for Google’s partner solutions team – spanning AdSense, Doubleclick for Publishers, AdMob and the Google Ad Exchange. He also leads Google’s local employee volunteering programme. Prior to Google Scott was a trade diplomat for the New Zealand government, working out of New Zealand’s Washington DC embassy and Sydney consulate. He is a graduate of the BOC Group’s Australian management development program and spent time at Mincom and Kea New Zealand. Scott earned bachelors degrees in Law and International Business from Victoria University of Wellington, graduating with honours. He has an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management in the United Kingdom where he was a Ford Scholar.

  Life & the Internet – We’re only just getting started

A walk through some of the extraordinary
ways in which the internet is changing the
way we live our lives and examples of the
role that Google is playing.

Jillian Riseley

Jillian Riseley
General Manager
Digital Inclusion

Jillian Riseley is General Manager, Digital Inclusion at Telstra.  This newly created leadership role leads a team with responsibility for the $230 million per annum regulatory and voluntary social investment, policies and strategies for digital inclusion programs, initiatives and partnerships. Areas overseen within this portfolio include accessibility and low-income support, cyber safety, disability programs and services, and digital literacy. These programs directly reach more than 2 million Australians and 2000 charities each month.
Jill currently sits on a number of industry panels including: the Federal Governments Working Group into Cyber Safety & Security; Co-Chair of the Technology and Wellbeing Roundtable and Hume Global Learning Village Advisory Council. In addition, Jill also sits on a number of Boards including the Australian Council of Social Services, Streetsmart Australia, the Family Online Safety Institute and the Thin Green Line Foundation.


  Everyone Connected – enjoying the benefits of the digital age

Today we live in a connected world. It’s a world underpinned by rapid technological innovation and adoption, and a world that is challenging and re-inventing traditional business and community service models, and realising social and economic benefits.  

The opportunities of the digital age are immense, and Telstra is committed to everyone enjoying the everyday benefits of being connected to modern communication technologies – irrespective of age, income, ability, location or disadvantage. 

Ian Robertson



Ian Robertson is an engineer. He established the forerunner of CommBox back in 1976 to develop ways to make it easier for teachers to access video technology.


Changing Interactive Technologies

Computers have always been interactive. The latest intuitive technologies make it more accessible for more people. This presentation examines just how far we have come in less than a lifetime and the implications of the exponential rate of change.

Video of Ian Robertson's talk (YouTube)

Leonie Smith

Leonie Smith
The Cyber Safety Lady


Leonie Smith is an Ambassador for
Australian Governments 2013 National Cyber Safety Awareness week. She is a Cyber Safety educator for teachers, parents, children and business. Based in Sydney Australia, Leonie is known as "The Cyber Safety Lady" and is the Author of the online book "Keeping Kids Safe Online"

Leonie on Twitter

Leonie on Facebook

The Cyber Safety Lady site


Social Media and Your Privacy
Many seniors are either using or will soon be
using social media in its many forms: Some to connect with interests they have, and many as a way to keep up with family and friends. With security and privacy online at the forefront of many users minds, what do we all need to know to be able to participate in the social media world safely?
• Which Social Media platforms should we
• Which Social Networks are the safest for our needs?
• What privacy and safety settings are THE
most important?
• Are their other ways to share photos and
videos other than social networks?
• What should you do if you do have
problems online?
• Scam emails how can we avoid them and
sort the genuine from the Fake?
• PC security what do you need to know?
• Mobile devices and privacy/safety
Taking the fear out of using social media
safely whilst protecting our privacy.


 Eric Whitehouse


  Eric Whitehouse has a BA/Diploma of Teaching from University of Queensland and spent 10 years with the Education Department before joining IBM and gaining computing experience from mainframes to PCs. He finished his career on 2009 running the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communication.

Eric is an ASCCA Director and a member of Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills where he is a Senior Trainer and member of the Management Committee. He is also involved with U3A, and a volunteer mentor to small business owners as part of programs run by the NSW Department of Industry and Trade.


  Master of Ceremony