Jennifer Willcox - ASCCA President

Jennifer WillcoxJennifer is from Western Australia and first became a Director on the Board of ASCCA in November 2011. She was at that time the only Director outside New South Wales.

Jenny has a wealth of past experience in the business world – having spent twenty years with a national trading company based in Perth. It was here that Jenny gained valuable knowledge about policies, procedures, computers, systems development, logistics, administration, marketing and sales.

Since 1995 she and her husband have enjoyed a special lifestyle that was allowed by relocation to Walpole, an isolated town on the South Coast of WA. Never one to be idle Jenny joined the then Walpole Telecentre and became its’ Coordinator in 1996, while helping to establish a small beef farm.

Jenny took a pivotal role in developing the Walpole Community Resource Centre as it is now called, some 22 years on, to be in the top ten percent of Resource Centres in the WA Community Resource Centre Network, numbering over 100 centres. Walpole CRC has been particularly strong in the areas of innovative and creative marketing, training and supporting Volunteers and community capacity building.

In 2007 Walpole Seniors Computer Club was established by Jenny under the umbrella of Walpole CRC after a chance meeting with ASCCA President, Nan Bosler at the Microsoft conference in Sydney during February of that year. Since then Walpole CRC has been affiliated with ASCCA and has taken a lead role in mentoring other CRCs in their establishment of Seniors Computer Clubs.

Jenny attained a Diploma in Business Management in 2013.

In December 2014 Jenny relinquished the role of Executive Officer at the Walpole CRC, taking on the part-time position of Special Projects Officer. In her semi-retirement she assisted local businesses in developing online marketing opportunities, successfully wrote and applied for numerous grants and spent one year further supporting, in a voluntary capacity, the Walpole Computer Club for Seniors. In December 2015 Jenny reluctantly resigned from the Board of ASCCA due to the fact of ineligibility as her role with the Walpole Computer Club for Seniors also ended.

Since Jenny first joined the ASCCA Board she has supported various activities undertaken by ASCCA in order to continue supporting affiliated clubs. Board members constantly seek funding, establish new and innovative methods of training delivery, and liaise with government and corporate sectors in order to achieve the goals and aims of the organisation. Jenny has represented ASCCA in the NBN Rollout promotion and Digital Switchover Taskforce; and acts as a conduit between affiliated clubs in WA and ASCCA.

At the end of 2017 Jenny was invited to re-join the Board of ASCCA allowed by a change in Constitutional conditions. New and exciting initiatives are currently underway with the recent formation of SWADE – Seniors West Australian Digital Expansion project where ASCCA-SWADE is instrumental in the delivery of the Be Connected program on behalf of Good Things Foundation which has been funded by the Australian Federal Government in working towards every Australian being connected online.

Jenny is working hard to continue in her role as Director, contributing to what promises to be a very interesting phase for ASCCA, given the continuing advancements in digital technology.

She is an active supporter of the Walpole community and at last count Jenny was involved in nine projects and committees.


Samantha Isaacs - Vice President

Sam IsaacsSam joined the ASCCA Board as she has a passion for seeing technology embraced and adapted to fit people's lives and not the other way around. In her corporate roles and ​whilst undertaking academic study she has been a keen advocate for a senior friendly approach to technology design.

Sam brings with her 20+ years of work experience in technology, digital and customer focussed projects across corporate, not-for-profit and small business organisations. She is an expert in leading organisations through significant changes by bringing an understanding of how technology may be incorporated so that it becomes the natural way of doing business. The approach she has successfully used in financial services, not-for-profits and construction is to match the strategic needs of the organisation to appropriate technology and then guide the adoption of change so that it is fit for purpose, for the people (staff and customers), as well as the organisation.

In addition to her experience in project and change management, Sam has an entrepreneurial mindset having built and sold her own business. She often sees opportunities in challenging the current ways of doing things but believes there is a lot to learn from what is currently working. Sam loves working with different groups of people and bringing diverse thinking together towards a common goal. Whether this is through introducing digital working practices to a century old charity to enable increased energy and attention on clients' needs, or by delivering large scale digital transformation programs for banking, insurance and superannuation companies.

This mindset, along with her qualifications in Anthropology, dovetail with her passion for championing design that is sensitive to the needs of the users. Sam utilises both her background in business and anthropology to find ways that communities can thrive by enabling just the right amount of technology to support their lifestyle.  

Sam sees organisations such as ASCCA and its member clubs as imperative for ensuring that seniors are able to access the knowledge of their peers in their community to build their confidence with all aspects of online and offline technology.


Susan Jensen - Secretary

Susan Jensen

Susan Jensen joined AUSOM in 1999 and was elected to its Committee of Management in 2001 where she learned the ropes for intermittently for several years.

Susan is an Honorary Life Member of AUSOM, an honour awarded to her in 2012 for:  

  • An awesome contribution over many years to all areas of AUSOM life.
  • Outstanding leadership as Honorary President 2009 to 2012. 
  • Initiating the AUSOM Mornington Group
  • Initiating, with Melbourne PC Users’ Group, the Everything Apple SIG.
  • Significantly reducing operational costs
  • AUSOM office administrator and front-of-house.
  • Instituting NewHope Baptist Church as the main meeting venue.
  • Introducing EFTPOS payments for membership renewals.
    She oversaw the De-commissioning of the AUSOM physical office, organised archives and storage for items to be retained and oversaw the sale of furniture and hardware.
  • Susan then instituted the use of an iPhone and an email address for office work
  • Most recently she has spent three years as Honorary Secretary dealing with the everyday administration tasks of the Association. She was also seconded to a Taskforce charged with future structure and planning towards 2023.

Susan is an Apple Ambassador, a position she has held since 2003. She only uses Apple hardware. She enjoys broadening her horizons and has been assisting in the training of members in the use of videoconferencing which became a necessity during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Nan Bosler AM - Emeritus President

Nan BoslerNan Bosler is committed to the growth and development of ASCCA as it seeks to empower Seniors Computer Clubs to help older people use modern technology. She was the foundation president of ASCCA.

Nan feels strongly that learning is a lifelong experience. She was over 50 when she first went to University, has six tertiary qualifications covering Adult Education, Community Organisation, Local and Applied History, Family History and a Masters in Local Government Management. She has added Cert. IV Business (Governance) & an adapted Cert. IV Training to her qualifications.

She has been involved with community organisations for more than 60 years, holding positions ranging from member to National President. She has community awards including Anzac of the Year, the inaugural Apia Adult Learning Ambassador Award and an AM. Nan has represented seniors at conferences and events both in Australia and internationally.

She is a published author. Before retiring she worked in Local Government and was an Adviser and Lecturer in the Faculty of Adult Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. Nan represents ASCCA on many committees. She was a member of the consortium that rolled out the Federal Government funded Broadband for Seniors Kiosks across Australia. She was a Seniors Week Ambassador for the years 2013 - 2016. Nan was a Champion for 2016 Year of Digital Inclusion and was awarded the Australian Not-for-profit Technology Award for 2017.


Brett Levy

Brett is someone who specialises in all things digital. He has consulted, designed, planned, built and executed application design and development for companies all over the world.

As Co- Chair of Mobile Monday (A global not-for-profit Mobile community) South Africa he was exposed to all the latest and greatest developments in the mobile space.

He is now the Managing Director of a Digital Solutions Consultancy based in Sydney called Beyond Intent ( Specialising in digital marketing and helping companies answer their digital questions and solve their challenges whether it be transformation or simply checking if their media or digital properties are working.

He has held the Managing Director role of a few full service digital agencies where they built websites, planned digital campaigns and built both Augmented and Virtual Reality executions.
The agencies managed Social media teams for companies including Volvo, Hard Rock, Flight Centre and Chrysler to name a few. This required the strategic planning, creating of the content as well as execution thereof. All media and SEO/SEM as well as analytics and reports. They also handled ORM (Online Reputation Management) for their clients where required and consulted and trained companies in the correct use/procedures of social.

In South Africa Brett had his own radio show on called #Futurology where he discussed all digital and innovative trends and what has, what will and what could be coming in the digital global landscape. He was the official mouthpiece for Gartner at the Cape Town leg of their global symposium and did the live broadcast from there. Now in Sydney he is the host of a podcast, #TechKnowledgy, hosted on the Eagle Waves Radio Platform (

Brett has very strong experience in eCommerce and mCommerce and has worked with all the major banks in South Africa on various commerce projects. Under Brett’s leadership his last agency built, managed (including warehouse and distribution solutions), the online shop and website for SodaStream and other brands too.

Brett holds a BComm in Marketing and is a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMi).


Rene Beeldman

My first computing device was a “smart” programmable HP calculator that cost a month's gross salary. My second smarter HP calculator was the same HP 45 model used by Neil Armstrong on-board Apollo 13, purportedly used to calculate the time of blast off to re-join the mothership in their highly acclaimed first successful moon landing mission.

My toddler steps at programming was at the Civil Engineers department of the then Johannesburg City Council, where I honed my self-taught programming skills on writing very simple software conversion tables from imperial units to metric units.

In the mid-eighties I bought my first personal computer, an Apple 11E, with two floppy drives. A few years later, I bought the first commercially available mouse that had a single button, and the first complete integrated office suite, ‘Apple Works’, that contained a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Data base programs. I wrote many unique software programs for business and a sailing club. Specialised software was not available at that point in time.

I have no formal computer training, but have attended many supplemental and update software courses.

My working life included ten years as a designer at the Johannesburg City Council, followed by a few years of private practice designing motorways and designing hydraulic infrastructures. In 1981 I was offered a position of Project Manager in Mafikeng. Within a couple of years after relocating to Mafikeng, I co-owned and directed a construction company that specialised in dam and hydraulic structures.

As a qualified Civil Engineer, I was extremely fortunate to work with experienced mentors who added many social value aspects to my understanding of, and working with, diverse communities, as well as those communities’ positive contributions which generated good outcomes. Additionally, I was fortunate to employ up to 300 staff members at points in time, in our construction company, providing much needed water infrastructure to drought ridden remote areas of South Africa.

In November 1999, I migrated to Australia, in time to witness the best Olympic Games ever. I continued with project management work in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, until informally retiring in 2012. In my spare time I now do carpentry, gardening, home improvements and I do love the larger digital world, covering audio visual, computing and mobile devices. My peers describe me as a part time geek.

In 2013 I joined Computer Pals – The Hills, with the purpose of sharing my self-taught knowledge and experience as well as learning new skills from other members. In 2014 I was nominated for a position on the Committee, and was elected for a position of Senior Trainer at the Clubs August AGM.

I developed and taught a couple of courses around the free Google offerings, such as Chrome, Docs, Google Drive and Slides. I assisted our maintenance team, as well as advising our Senior Trainers, in relation to both hardware and software (Apps), with recommendations for Windows computers, as well as Apps for Android and Apple mobile operating systems. I assisted in improving the club's network, with both WAN and LAN, as a result of the massive and frequent amount of data required for Windows 10 update downloads.

I also manage the clubs AV setups for training rooms and "large hall" monthly members meetings.

As we all know there are two sides to a coin. Where I find myself today is the obverse side of the coin.
My Dutch parents had very strong political opinions regarding international conflicts and world unity for which they both sacrificed significant family time while in Holland and South Africa. As a result of my father’s organising ability, he later became a Continent chairman of a society he firmly believed in. I do think I have inherited some of my parent’s better values.

Initially in my working career, I would blatantly promote all of my academic and financial achievements, but now as a retiree, I reflect on my social attitudes, based on my life experiences and my family background and community value objectives.

Today, I am a prolific guardian for consumer protection against the skilled marketing campaigns of rich multinationals and their overpaid CEO’s and CFO’s who, in my opinion, have little social regard for the greater community or to their country's well-being. I am a profound advocate of Western democratic values but with appropriate governance checks and balances.

As a board member of ASCCA, I now wish to promote the continuation of reaching out and teaching computing skills to elderly and disadvantaged communities, as well as to advise how the current digital disruption can be advantageous to their lifestyles. My peers know me as a quiet achiever. Hopefully, I may do this through consensus management and all my acquired previous experiences in this regard.


Alex Zaharov-Reutt


Dr Scott Hollier

CEO - Centre For Accessibility Australia

Dr Scott Hollier specialises in the field of digital accessibility and is the author of the book ‘Outrunning the Night: a life journey of disability, determination and joy’. With a Ph.D. in Internet Studies and senior management experience across the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors, Scott is an internationally-recognised researcher and speaker.

Scott’s roles include CEO and co-founder for the Centre For Accessibility Australia, holds academic positions at Edith Cowan University and the University of South Australia, and is an Invited Expert for the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Research Questions Task Force. In addition, Scott is legally blind and as such has both a professional and personal understanding of the importance of accessibility.