Nan Bosler - President

Nan BoslerNan Bosler is committed to the growth and development of ASCCA as it seeks to empower Seniors Computer Clubs to help older people use modern technology. She was the foundation president of ASCCA.

Nan feels strongly that learning is a lifelong experience. She was over 50 when she first went to University, has six tertiary qualifications covering Adult Education, Community Organisation, Local and Applied History, Family History and a Masters in Local Government Management. She has added Cert. IV Business (Governance) & an adapted Cert. IV Training to her qualifications.

She has been involved with community organisations for more than 60 years, holding positions ranging from member to National President. She has community awards including Anzac of the Year, the inaugural Apia Adult Learning Ambassador Award and an OAM. Nan has represented seniors at conferences and events both in Australia and internationally.

She is a published author. Before retiring she worked in Local Government and was an Adviser and Lecturer in the Faculty of Adult Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. Nan represents ASCCA on many committees. She was a member of the consortium that rolled out the Federal Government funded Broadband for Seniors Kiosks across Australia. She was a Seniors Week Ambassador for the years 2013 - 2016. Nan was a Champion for 2016 Year of Digital Inclusion and was awarded the Australian Not-for-profit Technology Award for 2017.

David Bennett - Vice President

David BennettDavid Bennett has been a director of ASCCA since 2005. David worked in the computer industry from 1958 until his retirement in 1996. He was involved in the design and manufacture of computer systems hardware, later specialising in software systems for manufacturing industries.

His career took a different direction when he began as a consultant and president of the UK “Just in Time” group, who worked to improve the manufacturing processes in large companies, such as Hoover, Sony UK, Nissan UK and Sunrise Medical.

In January 1998 he came to Australia, in the firm belief that he had left the world of computers behind! Later that year he joined Northern Beaches Computer Pals as a trainer and soon became involved in the organisation and development of the club.

When Avalon Computer Pals was formed he became a founder member and spent three years as a trainer and member of the committee.

Supporting ASCCA as a presenter, on a wide variety of subjects, has taken him to many member clubs. When Microsoft launched their Unlimited Potential Program in Sydney he was pleased to demonstrate the use of a webcam link to John Howard and Bill Gates.

David wants to continue working on widening communication between member clubs, using webcam links and voice over Internet protocols. This will hopefully encourage more interactive participation between member clubs and will allow them to get maximum benefit from their ASCCA membership.

Alwyn Stuckey - Secretary / Public Officer

Alwyn StuckeyAlwyn commenced work in 1955 as a Junior Forester with the Queensland Forestry Department. He remained in this capacity until March 1959 when he resigned to join the Queensland Police Service.

On completion of the initial training period was Posted to the Metropolitan Brisbane area, there after was posted to Western Queensland later to District Inspectors Offices and later as the Officer in Charge of a Country Police Station. Some of the associated duties at Country Police Stations was to also act  as Clerk of the Court and Registrar of the Magistrates Court.

During August 1967 He was approached by the Commonwealth Department of External Territories (Now Foreign Affairs) with an Offer to serve in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary as a Commissioned Officer.

On the 6th December 1967 Alwyn entered the service of the RPNGC and was immediately posted as the Staff Officer to the Divisional Superintendent “A” Division, which covered the whole of Papua. Later He was posted to the Criminal Investigation Division where he served in all Departments as the Officer In Charge. His last posting was the Officer in Charge of the Fraud Investigation Division which included the position of Chief Training Officer.

He returned to Australia in April 1976, to a property in Queensland. In 1984 he sold the property and he moved to Victoria where he Managed two Large Sheep and Cattle Properties. While in Victoria He served on various Community Committees. One in particular was as President of the Country Education Project for the Snowy River Region.

Since returning to NSW he took up a position as a Commercial Agent to conduct financial examinations within the Court system.

He joined the Westlakes Seniors Computer Club 2000 and has been a member since that date. He has been responsible for the technical support for the Club.  Since 2010 Alwyn has been appointed the Treasurer of the Westlakes Club, which position he still holds.

John Jakovcevic

John JakovcevicJohn Jakovcevic has been a director of ASCCA since 2018.

John commenced his working career in various I.T support roles in the manufacturing and fashion industries. This led to several years working for Westfield in the I.T department and later as a Business Analyst. One of John’s greatest early achievements was to be handpicked to be Sir Frank Lowy’s (Founder of Westfield Shoppingtown) personal I.T tutor.

Several years later, still in his twenties and studying for his MBA, John was approached to develop a shelf company Western Industries, as the exclusive distributor in Australia for precision air conditioning brand, STULZ.

Four years into the growth of Western Industries, John felt it was the right time to transform the organisation. Following many months of lobbying the STULZ management in Germany, John was able to convince them to further support his initiatives by forming a joint venture partnership and rebranding the company to Stulz Australia. Exceptional business growth led to the formation of its own wholly-owned subsidiary in New Zealand. In 2012, STULZ ANZ became 100% owned by the STULZ Group.

STULZ is a technology leader, providing resilient and energy-efficient cooling equipment to support our lives, critical data, our economy and our future.

John holds a Bachelor Science (Major in Computing), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Board member for Stulz Australia and Stulz New Zealand and is also a member and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Allan Mikkelsen

Allan MikkelsenAllan Mikkelsen is a retired IT professional, having spent all of his working life in the employ of the Federal Government, as a programmer, analyst, and manager when IT was still known as ADP.  He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Statistics from the Canberra College of Advanced Education (now the University of Canberra).

He has been a member of the PC Users Group (ACT) Incorporated since 1986 and is currently on the committee as Immediate Past President, having spent all but two years since 1996 on the committee in a range of positions including President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-President. He has also previously served on the Canberra Branch Executive Committee of the Australian Computer Society but is no longer a member of that group.

Outside computing, his current major interests are bushwalking and travel. He has spent many years on bushwalking club committees including terms as President of two different bushwalking clubs in the Canberra area.  He has also served on other community group committees outside the computing and bushwalking field including a term as Treasurer of the Canberra Philatelic Society.

He was also a volunteer systems administrator on the ISP that the PCUG ran for its members and is still an administrator of the mail and web servers that PCUG continues to run for members.

Allan joined the ASCCA board in early 2012 and his interest in ASCCA relates primarily to a wish to see how services can be better delivered to Clubs and members outside the Sydney region.  If re-elected he will attempt to find further ways that ASCCA can serve clubs outside Sydney.

David Num

David NumDavid was introduced to computing in 1968, undertook a year’s formal training in 1971 and used it throughout his working life.  He eventually became a senior executive in computing at a large Commonwealth organisation where he was responsible for technical aspects, contract negotiations and purchasing.  David was fortunate in being invited to speak at many Australian and international conferences on a range of computing issues.  He has also held senior executive positions in finance, corporate planning, research and training.

Family holidays at Moruya led to David moving to live in the area once he retired.  He now enjoys being part of the EuroSCUG (the Eurobodalla Seniors Computer User Group) team helping and teaching other seniors about computers throughout the Eurobodalla shire. He is now a committee member of EuroSCUG and a member of their technical subgroup.  He has presented at several ASCCA conferences and is a regular presenter, small group organiser and newsletter contributor at EuroSCUG.

David has had a long active interest in personal computing and new technologies. Using computing as a scientific tool in his early career has given him a pragmatic approach to its use for himself and others.  These days he enjoys helping others learn to use computing in ways that meet their needs.

Annette Stuckey

Annette Stuckey

Annette was elected to the ASCCA Board in November 2006.

After leaving school started work in 1955 at the MLC Assurance Company in Sydney. In 1959 she went to Papua New Guinea where she spent 18 years working for the Commonwealth Government in Port Moresby. It was there she was introduced to computers, commencing with mainframes and moving on to PCs. She also served as Secretary to a Football Club and a Social Club

Back in Australia she gained her Victorian Certificate of Education through TAFE Outreach Learning in Bairnsdale, Victoria and received an Associate Diploma in Social Science - Community Development. Whilst in Victoria Annette was the Secretary of the Deddick Valley Isolated Women's Group.

She joined the Westlake’s Seniors Computer Club, Lake Macquarie in 2000 at its inauguration. She was elected Secretary in May 2000 and still holds that position. She also tutors in various course and workshop conducted by the club.

Annette is also a current Justice of the Peace for the State of New South Wales.

Jennifer Willcox

Jennifer Willcox photo

Jennifer is from Western Australia and first became a Director on the Board of ASCCA in November 2011. She was at that time the only Director outside New South Wales.

Jenny has a wealth of past experience in the business world – having spent twenty years with a national trading company based in Perth. It was here that Jenny gained valuable knowledge about policies, procedures, computers, systems development, logistics, administration, marketing and sales.

Since 1995 she and her husband have enjoyed a special lifestyle that was allowed by relocation to Walpole, an isolated town on the South Coast of WA. Never one to be idle Jenny joined the then Walpole Telecentre and became its’ Coordinator in 1996, while helping to establish a small beef farm.

Jenny took a pivotal role in developing the Walpole Community Resource Centre as it is now called, some 22 years on, to be in the top ten percent of Resource Centres in the WA Community Resource Centre Network, numbering over 100 centres. Walpole CRC has been particularly strong in the areas of innovative and creative marketing, training and supporting Volunteers and community capacity building.

In 2007 Walpole Seniors Computer Club was established by Jenny under the umbrella of Walpole CRC after a chance meeting with ASCCA President, Nan Bosler at the Microsoft conference in Sydney during February of that year. Since then Walpole CRC has been affiliated with ASCCA and has taken a lead role in mentoring other CRCs in their establishment of Seniors Computer Clubs.

Jenny attained a Diploma in Business Management in 2013.

In December 2014 Jenny relinquished the role of Executive Officer at the Walpole CRC, taking on the part-time position of Special Projects Officer. In her semi-retirement she assisted local businesses in developing online marketing opportunities, successfully wrote and applied for numerous grants and spent one year further supporting, in a voluntary capacity, the Walpole Computer Club for Seniors. In December 2015 Jenny reluctantly resigned from the Board of ASCCA due to the fact of ineligibility as her role with the Walpole Computer Club for Seniors also ended.

Since Jenny first joined the ASCCA Board she has supported various activities undertaken by ASCCA in order to continue supporting affiliated clubs. Board members constantly seek funding, establish new and innovative methods of training delivery, and liaise with government and corporate sectors in order to achieve the goals and aims of the organisation. Jenny has represented ASCCA in the NBN Rollout promotion and Digital Switchover Taskforce; and acts as a conduit between affiliated clubs in WA and ASCCA.

At the end of 2017 Jenny was invited to re-join the Board of ASCCA allowed by a change in Constitutional conditions. New and exciting initiatives are currently underway with the recent formation of SWADE – Seniors West Australian Digital Expansion project where ASCCA-SWADE is instrumental in the delivery of the Be Connected program on behalf of Good Things Foundation which has been funded by the Australian Federal Government in working towards every Australian being connected online.

Jenny is working hard to continue in her role as Director, contributing to what promises to be a very interesting phase for ASCCA, given the continuing advancements in digital technology.

She is an active supporter of the Walpole community and at last count Jenny was involved in nine projects and committees.